TRX Recording Agent™

Introducing the new

TRX Recording Agent!

Recording Agents are an industry-first, certified service role available exclusively from TheRecordXchange (TRX). If you’re a litigator who orders depositions, the Recording Agent service is a revolutionary way for you to lower overall deposition costs and make “go/no-go” litigation decisions sooner than possible using older, traditional methods used to capture deposition proceedings. How so?

The Recording Agent

First, TRX has created the new “Recording Agent” (RA) role which consists of a TRX-certified independent business professional who appears at your deposition at the prescheduled date/time/venue with a small, newly-developed, self-contained, TRX-approved digital recording system.

The RA sets the recording unit up, including microphones, in under ten minutes, and then manages the deposition proceeding from the perspective of insuring that the highest quality recording of the event is captured, along with the necessary swearing-in of witnesses and expert handling of exhibits.

To qualify to be an RA, potential candidates must already be state-registered Notary Publics and Signing Agents with years of experience. Then they must complete a rigorous TRX-certified training program which includes:

  • “Best-practice” and rules of legal deposition procedure
    • Swearing-in of witnesses
    • Handling of exhibits
    • Entering annotations of specific events
    • Entering keywords and proper spellings
    • Managing active participants to mitigate the potential for, as well as deescalate, argumentative situations
  • Multi-speaker digital recording procedures to insure the highest-quality recording
    • Managing active participants with respect to clarity of speech and the elimination of talk-over
    • Industry standards around proper placement of microphones and speakers
    • Expert technical knowledge of the recording system and pre-event testing

Digital Recording Availability

Second, once your deposition is completed, usually within an hour of the deposition completion the RA will upload the captured recording to your original deposition order and make it immediately available to you. You can then play the recording online or download it and play it from your laptop. You can also share your order and the recording with others on your team from within the order.

Speech-to-Text Draft

Third, the most exciting and key element to the RA service is that you will be able to immediately order a speech-to-text draft text of the spoken words in the deposition recording whereby:

  • It’s available at a fraction of traditional transcript cost
  • Text is synced to the audio
    • Text will scroll along with the audio during playback
    • Bi-directional navigation whereby selecting the text at different points will jump the audio playback to those points, and moving the audio playback control will jump the text to those points
  • Text is searchable
  • You can add your own annotations which are synced to both the text and audio
  • Both the RA’s annotations and keywords can be viewed and selected which will jump the audio and draft text to the point when the note and/or keyword was entered by the RA

TRX has performed extensive testing and development to make it’s speech-to-text technology superior in the area of multi-speaker recording. And fundamental to the RA service, TRX understands the absolute need of having an experienced RA in the room who can insure that recording procedures and participant behaviors are strictly followed to further insure a quality recording that’s required to maximize the accuracy of the speech-to-text recognition

Certified Transcript

Finally, following your review of the draft text and audio, if you determine you are going to need a certified transcript of the deposition, one can be ordered from an independent Legal Transcription professional through a simple click of a button within the original deposition order.

Now, for the first time litigators can have both the audio and draft text available to them purposed for review in rapid turnaround at a fraction of the cost of traditional transcript. Having the ability to perform a pre-review of these resources gives you, the litigator, the ability to determine your go/no-go litigation strategy, as well as reduce the number of certified transcripts you might otherwise order, resulting in literally thousands of dollars saved.

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