Who We Are

We are TheRecordXchange and we connect transcript requestors with certified transcript producers and court reporters.

We do not report or transcribe. Our single goal is to provide an efficient, on-line service to connect attorneys, paralegals and litigants who need to purchase certified court transcripts with court reporters and qualified transcription providers who are authorized to produce those transcripts.

We know that our success depends entirely on the success of the court reporters and transcript providers who use TheRecordXchange. If we do not help you achieve your personal and financial goals, then we have failed to fulfill our mission. For that reason, our focus is on your success and we pledge to:

  • Offer a full-range of online services that will allow you to conduct your business securely, efficiently and with less stress than ever before at no cost to you or to your clients.
  • Charge fees only for optional services that are truly valuable and that you agree to pay. We will never charge you a fee that you have not agreed to in advance.
  • Support communication and transactions between you and your clients, but never interfere with your relationship.
  • Be there when you need us for technical support, administrative support or research. If you need it, we will help you get it done.

Our industry has gone through, and continues to experience, dramatic changes that are stressful and chaotic. It is our mission to support both you and your clients, reduce your stress and create some order in our rapidly changing profession.

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Our Team

  • Steve Townsend

    Steve Townsend

    Chief Executive Officer

    Steve Townsend brings more than 20 years of CEO-level experience managing technology businesses that provide effective solutions for courts and court reporting professionals worldwide.

  • Erik Lige

    Erik Lige

    VP, Sales & Marketing

    Erik Lige holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Delaware. With more than two decades of experience in the legal services industry, Erik became a founding member of TheRecordXchange.

  • Seth Markowitz

    Seth Markowitz

    Director of Engineering

    With over 20 years experience at companies both large and small, Seth leads the technology efforts of TRX​. Seth began his engineering career at Goldman Sachs where he developed Asset Management solutions for the GS equities division.

  • Brandon Townsend

    Brandon Townsend

    Director Customer Service

    Brandon Townsend earned a Bachelor's Degree in Network Communications Management from Devry University. He is well-versed in digital recording and playback solutions.

  • Derrill Williams

    Director User Experience

    Holding a BSE degree from Arizona State University, Derrill has over 30 years of high-tech Product Management and IP experience working for both small and large corporations, including For The Record, Allied Signal Aerospace, and Lockheed.

  • Karen Samcoe

    Karen Samcoe

    Customer Success

    Karen Samcoe has experience at all levels of the electronic court reporting/transcription field, as a reporter, transcriber and proofreader. She also served over 10 years as managing partner of a reporting and transcription firm, overseeing their nationwide operations.

  • Dave Harrison

    Dave Harrison

    Business Development APAC/EMEA

    Dave Harrison holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and brings over 25 years of development, sales and support experience within the judicial market place. He leads our overseas business development efforts and management of on-going customer satisfaction abroad.


Indiana court reporter, reduce your transcript stress

Producing a transcript under the new Indiana deadlines can be more stressful than ever, but it’s something that needs to get done, and it's your responsibility to make sure that happens.

We are TheRecordXchange, and we want to give you control over how you work, all at no cost.

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