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Secure Cloud Solutions for Managing the Court Record

What do our users say?

“TheRecordXchange transcription management solution has allowed court administration, court staff and our court reporters to achieve significant process efficiencies while providing enhanced services to the judicial and legal community that we serve. The implementation was simple and timely and the team was extremely professional.” Stacy Carlson, Court Administrator - 4th Judicial District (Hennepin County)
“Our partnership with TheRecordXchange has allowed us to provide greater access to Justice through the delivery of requested audio recordings in a streaming format via our secure website. Expanding our service to include the ordering and delivery of transcripts was easy to accomplish and has been an efficient service for our staff and the legal community we serve.” Matthew Barrett, Court Administrator - The Circuit Court for Cecil County
“Steve Townsend and his small team are truly, in my estimation, a very valuable partner in the services that we provide from the Marion Superior Court’s Court administration team.” Amitav Thamba, CTO - Marion County, Indiana
“With TheRecordXchange, the entire process is far more efficient for court staff and, more importantly, for the attorneys and litigants we serve. The service has more than met our expectation to enhance service and public access to records.” Eric Silverberg, Court Administrator - Tucson City Court
“TheRecordXchange solution has eliminated the need to manage physical order forms, receive in person payments and burn and deliver CD’s. This website delivered significant efficiencies for court staff, litigants and our third party transcription providers.” Deborah Zrioka, Court Administrator - Circuit Court for Charles County
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