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“The TRX Recording Agent managed the deposition with skill and professionalism. Having the TRX VoiceCopy audio recording and text available to my team within hours of the deposition concluding was highly effective for review and decision making - and at significantly lower cost than a traditional court reporter, saving my clients money. We will definitely be scheduling a TRX Recording Agent for our next deposition.” Bradley S. Shelts, Attorney - Titus Brueckner & Levine PLC
“Our partnership with TheRecordXchange will allow us to provide greater access to Justice through the delivery of requested audio recordings via our secure website. This site will eliminate the need to complete and deliver physical order forms, make in person payments or burn and deliver CDs.” Matthew Barrett, Court Administrator - The Circuit Court for Cecil County
“Working with TRX was a new process for me, but it was delightfully simple and painless. They make themselves available to answer any questions you may have and will even guide you through the process! I highly recommend TheRecordXchange for anyone looking for a simpler, more efficient way to order.” Kay Stawick, Family Law Paralegal - Cohen & Malad, LLP
“I found my secret weapon. TheRecordXchange and their qualified vendors make securing transcripts a breeze and give me back time in my day to focus on the cases that really matter. Their platform is intuitive and incredibly easy to use, and with a push of a button, my order was placed and they took care of the rest. I highly recommend TheRecordXchange to anyone looking for a secure, reliable way to order transcripts.” Katie Brandt, Paralegal - Anastassious & Associates
“Becoming a trained and certified TRX Recording Agent has allowed me to leverage my past experience and expand my business. The deposition recording services that I now offer to the legal community provide a very professional and cost effective experience to all participants. I’m excited to be on the forefront of this cutting edge service.” Michael Ratcliff, TRX Recording Agent
“After being inspired by what I learned about TheRecordXchange, I decided to stop working for others and start my own transcription business as a qualified TRX Partner. TRX gave me daily support, priceless advice, valuable marketing oversight, lots of great connections and all the on-line tools I needed to hit the ground running. Today Phoenix Transcription Services, LLC, is thriving beyond my imagination and growing every day! Thank you TRX!” Christy Gray, TRX Partner - Phoenix Transcription Services, LLC
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