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Secure Cloud Solutions for Managing the Court Record

Transcription Management

The Problem

Qualified court reporters and transcriptionists are becoming more and more difficult to find. The number of stenographic court reporters has been declining for decades and in parts of the country have become impossible to hire. The number of trained digital reporters and transcribers has not kept pace with the increased demand as more and more courts transition to digital recording. And COVID simply made the situation worse with increased retirements and increased caseloads as courts have begun clearing the COVID backlog.

Non-appeal, private transcript demand can be pushed off to the private market, but your court must provide for transcription of appeal transcript in this stressful environment. And, if you are like many courts that have transitioned to digital recording over the last few years, you are coming out of a model where official stenographic reporters managed the entire transcription business. Very often these reporters, stenographic and digital, resisted the court’s oversite of this critical court function. A court function that involves tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of yearly spend.

With no visibility into historical data, courts across the country must now grab control of the transcription process. Transcript production is the single biggest cause of delay in the appellate process. Without data, there is no way to fix the problem.

The Solution

The TRXGateway transcript management solution is the most comprehensive and intuitive system available. Lawyers, paralegals, and litigants can access your court’s customized web portal 24/7 to place transcript requests. The site provides all the information needed to make sure the requesting party has a smooth and understandable ordering process.

Requests are automatically routed to designated court reporters, transcription coordinators or specific transcription personnel. Court staff can upload required recordings to the request and estimate the number of pages that will need to be typed.

The site provides a secure e-commerce feature that allows transcribers to request deposits and collect final payments as needed.

Transcription can be assigned to internal or external transcription resources. The site includes a robust messaging system so requesters, transcript providers and the court can all stay on top of projects. When complete, the final transcript can be delivered through the site and any final payments can be made.

Court administration has full visibility into all transcription activity with reports that can provide insight into volume, timeliness and customer service.

The Value

Transcript management using TRXGateway is a real win-win-win for court administration. Lawyers and the rest of the community you serve will have the most efficient system possible to request transcripts, manage their orders, make required payments, and receive delivery of final transcripts.

Court reporters and transcribers will have access to the most efficient tools ever for receiving transcript requests and managing their transcription projects. They will be able to get paid faster and deliver a final transcript quicker than ever before. And, they will have access to all of the incredibly useful features of the TRX player and VoiceCopy.

The court wins by having access to data never before available. Reports that show the volume of requests, pages counts, financial data and timeliness are all available at your fingertips and can be passed on to critical constituents such as your court of appeals.

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