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With TheRecordXchange.

With millions of proceedings digitally recorded each year, Court Jurisdictions and Administrative agencies now have a better way to search, manage, and distribute content to judges, internal staff, outside agencies and the public.

Still selling court recordings on CDs?

Providing recordings on CD is time consuming, cumbersome, and costly for the court staff and customers. Handling physical media is not only inefficient, it’s borderline antiquated. CD writers are no longer a standard feature of laptops. And most people access audio and video today online. So, why keep burning CDs when fewer and fewer people can use them easily.

Have you implemented an FTP site? Are you using Dropbox, Google Drive or Sharepoint and believe that offers you a real solution? None of these distribution methods offer an integrated order management or payment solution. Orders are probably still managed with standalone web forms or paper. Communication with the requesting parties is handled via unmonitored emails or phone calls. And if you want any reports about the court’s performance related to recording distribution, forget about it.

There is a better way. Fast, efficient and within budget!

TheRecordXchange offers a streamlined process for both courts and clients! By partnering with TheRecordXchange, courts can free staff from these time-consuming tasks and manage the whole process online. TheRecordXchange streamlines all customer interactions, financial transactions and customer support. The time court staff must spend on this function can be cut in half!

Requesting parties can place orders, make payments, and stream or download the recordings online. The court has full discretion regarding how much they charge for recordings, if recordings can be downloaded or streamed only, and establishment of any needed authorization process.

Works with all court recording solutions.

Whether your court records with FTR, CourtSmart, JAVS, Liberty (BIS), or VIQ, TheRecordXchange can handle your recordings and make them available for streaming in a standard format and simple playback interface. No reformatting, no distribution or support of proprietary players. And, TheRecordXchange handles any technical support required via online chat, email or phone.

The very best playback experience

The TRX streaming player offers an intuitive and simple user interface that can be accessed from multiple device types. The player supports audio and video and retains the multi-channel playback features of popular court recording solutions.

Nothing could be easier

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