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Court Jurisdictions, including Federal, State, City and Municipal courts, along with Federal and State administrative agencies across the country have implemented digital audio/video recording to capture a record of proceedings. In the interest of greater access to justice, many of those jurisdictions provide court participants access to copies of the recordings upon request.

Surely there must be a better way …

However, providing access can be time consuming, cumbersome and costly for the court and its personnel, as well as for customers. In a majority of situations, the court must take an order, communicate with the customer, validate the order, provide a cost, collect payment, locate the recording(s), and burn a copy of the requested recording(s) to a CD to be delivered to the customer. For the customer, the process is often slow, and in many cases requires one or more visits to the court.

There is!

TheRecordXchange now offers a streamlined process for both courts and their customers!  By partnering with TheRecordXchange courts can free staff from these time consuming tasks and manage the whole process online. TheRecordXchange handles all customer interactions, the financial transaction and customer support. Court staff are automatically notified when an order is submitted, can review and approve each order quickly, and then easily upload the recording files. That’s it!

TheRecordXchange takes care of the rest! And customers can place orders, make payments, and stream or download the recordings online using any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. And the best part is that there’s no cost to the court!

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So what are other courts doing with respect to access to their recordings? Is my situation unique? What do courts like mine charge? How are courts handling differing recording formats? What about security?

These and others are important questions and there’s no better way to answer them and assess your situation than to know what other courts around the country are doing. This free whitepaper provides survey response and statistical information along with commentary purposed to address those questions. Request it today!

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Watch this short video to see just how simple the ordering and fulfillment of digital court recordings can be for both your court staff and litigants using the TRX solution.

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