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Secure Cloud Solutions for Managing the Court Record

Secure Cloud Solutions for Current Day Challenges

Asgard Justice™

The Problem

Digital court recording solutions
provide for an accurate and cost effective official record. But the mix of
recording formats, increased storage
requirements and the rising cost of
staff to take accurate log notes
presents very real content
management challenges.

The expectation is that advanced
recordings solutions, remote and in-person, should lead to cost savings
and an enhanced review experience
for judges and staff.

However, without equally sophisticated
archiving, retrieval and playback
solutions, cost savings and expected
benefits will never materialize.

The Solution

Building on its popular transcript/recording
management solution,
TheRecordXchange introduces
ASGARD JUSTICE™, a highly secure and efficient cloud
recording management
solution that:

  • Transports all court recordings
    and metadata to the cloud.
  • Manages all recording types,
    including FTR, WebEx, JAVS, Zoom,
    and Liberty.
  • Converts all recordings to a
    rich streaming format that
    includes audio, video and text.
  • Processes of all media with
    VoiceCopy, an accurate
    and synchronized automated
    text output.
  • Integrates other data, such as
    daily dockets, with recordings
    to enhance search and retrieval.
  • Archives original recordings to
    highly secure and inexpensive
    long-term cloud storage.
  • Keeps all data encrypted, both
    in transit and at rest

Once processed, TheRecordXchange
offers authorized users simple and
powerful search and playback options
that unlocks the court record for
judges, staff and transcribers in a way
never before possible.

The Value

ASGARD JUSTICE changes how
courts think about managing the court
record. The time and cost savings are
tangible and recognized immediately:

  • Instant access means that
    judges and staff are more
    productive, so cases move faster.
  • VoiceCopy text lets users
    review the record efficiently,
    reducing frustration.
  • VoiceCopy also provides
    precise and accurate auto-logging of proceedings so
    scarce court reporting
    resources can be redeployed as appropriate.
  • Costly on premise archiving of
    large rich media content is

These, along with a host of other
long-term benefits, will allow courts to
build current technology and web
strategies to create the most secure
and efficient court record
management system imaginable.

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