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What We Do

It's about simple, seamless, and secure capture and access to the record of legal proceedings.

And we make that happen everyday for jurisdictions, litigants and providers alike. We offer the most advanced, online workflow solution to streamline the process of capturing, ordering and delivering the record of legal proceedings.

The TheRecordXchange platform is designed specifically for the legal community whereby attorneys can schedule Recording Agents™ for depositions, and order certified transcripts of both depositions and court proceedings. And Courts can partner with TRX to extend the robust TRX user experience to their customers.

TheRecordXchange is not a court reporting or transcription service. Instead it combines a secure and robust platform, the reliable and high-speed distribution of digital files, and an unmatched set of workflow tools that streamline access to the record of proceedings.

Revolutionize the way you order, distribute and access the record of legal proceedings and … “Take Charge!”

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