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What We Do

Obtaining a court or hearing transcript should be seamless, secure, and simple.

And we can make that happen. We offer the most advanced, online workflow solution to streamline the process for ordering legal transcripts and pairing those orders with qualified court reporters and transcript producers.

Our solution is designed specifically for the legal community, providing the tools to order, pay, manage, and track the progress of your court and hearing transcript order.

Legal Professionals:

  • Place your transcript order online, easily and securely
  • Let TheRecordXchange help match that order with the most qualified provider
  • Select the provider who meets your time frame and budget

Transcript Providers and Court Reporters:

  • Offer enhanced, online services to your current and potential customers
  • Register your current clients and we will offer you our “No Fee Guarantee”
  • Offer your services to new clients who are already on TheRecordXchange
  • Upload court and hearing transcripts, digital recordings, and stenographic notes
  • Streamline your workflow process with unparalleled oversight

Independent Transcribers, Proofreaders, and Scopists:

  • Enjoy your own individual work-space
  • Manage your job assignments easily and productively
  • Collaborate on projects in real-time.

TheRecordXchange is not a court reporting or transcription service. We combine a secure and robust platform, reliable and high-speed distribution of digital files, and an unmatched set of workflow tools that help courts and legal professionals connect with the most qualified court reporters and transcribers.

Revolutionize the way you order your court and hearing transcripts – Take Charge.


When your day is already filled to the brim, you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time chasing down a transcript. From identifying the right court professional to playing tag with multiple emails and phone messages, those tasks can pile up, and before you know it, you’re buried beneath a mountain of to-do’s with no signs of light. So why not let us lend a helping hand?

  • Effortlessly order all your court transcripts in one place, 24/7
  • Get your transcripts delivered securely and digitally
  • Download your transcripts at any time
  • Have complete visibility on the status of each transctipt


Your time is valuable, so why should you spend so much of it worrying about obtaining transcripts? When you start to find yourself doing more and more administrative work, it’s time to take a step back and refocus.  With our revolutionary solution, you can spend less time administrating and more time practicing law.

  • Access all your court and hearing transcripts no matter where you are
  • Avoid the troubles of misplaced transcripts and notes
  • Get unparalleled oversight on all your transcription orders
  • Spend more time practicing law and less time administering

Independent Court Professionals

You undoubtedly have a lot going on, and with only so much time in the day, completing your to-do list could easily turn into a mountain of a task.  With everything you have to juggle, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks.  We’re here to offer you a second set of hands, so you can get back to the work that matters.

  • Connect and talk with vendors within our marketplace
  • Expand your business with new revenue opportunities
  • Get access to tools and resources to leverage your firm

Court Reporters and Transcript Providers

You are the backbone of the court system, because without you, there would be no record of court proceedings.  You spend your days in court rooms, and what little time you have left to yourself is spent producing transcripts for people who need them fast.  But your nights and weekends don’t need to take a backseat to your transcription orders.  We can help.

  • Organize and access your transcript orders all in one place
  • Streamline communication with clients, new and old
  • Easily connect with qualified contractors to produce your transcripts
  • No subscription fees or startup costs

Courts and Jurisdictions

Your streamlined transcript ordering, tracking, and fulfillment solution.

TheRecordXchange meets the demands of court jurisdictions and the legal community worldwide by providing unprecedented access to court transcripts.

If your jurisdiction is interested in accessing the power of our technology platform, you can expect:

  • An online solution providing central transcript order capture, court recording access and management
  • Complete oversight and transparency to the transcription process
  • Extensive workflow management data supporting transcript service planning for your jurisdiction
  • A platform for timely delivery of appeal, non-appeal, government paid and private paid transcripts
  • Option to move the burden of financial transactions associated with transcript production to automated on-line fulfillment
  • Access to an unrestricted pool of independent, qualified transcript service providers
  • An opportunity for the court, legal and community at large to access benefits related to faster, accurate and more affordable transcript services

We currently offer services in Indiana and for US Trustee hearings nationwide.

If you are interested in bringing TheRecordXchange to your jurisdiction, please click the button below.


Indiana court reporter, reduce your transcript stress

Producing a transcript under the new Indiana deadlines can be more stressful than ever, but it’s something that needs to get done, and it's your responsibility to make sure that happens.

We are TheRecordXchange, and we want to give you control over how you work, all at no cost.

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